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export in quantity (2009 | 2017)
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Work begins before the actual stage of production:

• design, pattern making, industrialisation;
• procurement of materials: leather, fabrics, soles, components, accessories;
• planning of production.

Production involves various stages:

1 cutting of materials
2 preparation for joining
3 hemming
4 preparation for assembly or injection
5 assembly/injection
6 application of the sole and finishing
7 finishing

1 Cutting
The materials that make up the upper are cut. The cutter must make best use of the material with the least possible waste. Cutting can be done either manually or with specific laser cutting machines.
2 Preparation for joining
Preparation for joining
The preparation of the upper involves various operations including folding of the hems, flattening and hammering of the seams, profiling, marking and stamping of the uppers...
3 Joining
This involves gluing of the various parts of the upper before they are sewn.
4 Hemming
This involves gluing of the various parts of the upper before they are sewn.
5 Assembly
The upper is assembled on the mould. The parts overlapping the seam are trimmed.
6 Application of the sole
Application of the sole
Generally, pre-finished soles are used which are glued on the mould and then finished. The soles can be applied with different processes (glued, stitched, nailed, vulcanised, injected, etc.).
7 Finishing
This involves a series of operations for preparing the product for sale, such as cleaning, eliminating wrinkles or creases, applying accessories, and packaging.

Smart footwear: technology in the world of footwear

Technology has revolutionised the production processes associated with the Italian footwear industry, recognised for its quality of craftsmanship and excellence. For example: CAD technologies applied to the design and pattern making processes of footwear.

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